Trans-lum diffusion. What it is and what is it used for in product and advertising photography

Trans-lum, what its for?

The first thing you notice when you start shooting product photography or advertising photography for products is just how much reflection the object shows the camera, absolutely everything you don't want to see is there in magnificent macro. The studio ceiling, the floor, the lights, cables, etc... makes you appreciate how much effort goes into the high-end product photographs of everyones favourite technology company (hint - fruit, love it or hate it, take a bite out of it...). Everything is so clean and shiny and Photoshop is not the answer, well, not at this stage of the process. Light and reflection control is the answer and this is where a product like Trans-lum helps enormously.

If you still think it's all Photoshop, take a look at this post, of course Photoshop and retouching plays a big part but it is just a part of the production process. In the post you will see various screens of white between the product and the lights, studio etc. This is where we use a product like Trans-lum, it allows light to pass through it whilst enabling us to create clean reflection free environments for our products to live.

What is it..

The actual material is translucent roll of plastic sheet, neutral in colour (to the camera so no nasty colour casts).

Where can you get it?

You can buy Trans-lum from me on this link, I have a supply in the UK.