A little about me...

... a freelance illustrator and photographer.

Working in the Graphic Arts industry since 1993, I provide creative illustration, photography and retouching solutions for print, advertising and digital media.

I have many published illustrations in consumer magazines, books and textbooks, many with an engineering or science theme.

My Product Photography

Product photography at its best is a balance of art, science and practicality. It’s a skill that demands rigorous method and versatility to deliver the imaginative and engaging imagery my clients require.

Whatever you want to accomplish with your product photography I can help you produce images that capture your core message.

Digital retouching

As a digital retoucher, working with technology allows me to concentrate on the fine detail. It’s about elevating items that may at first appear unusual or uninteresting and turning them into truly inspiring images. 

Seeing possibilities. Enhancing the display. Revealing the product to tell a fuller story. That’s the essence of what retouching can and should achieve.

Working as both product photographer and digital retoucher also gives me a greater awareness and control of the creative process. It allows me to take high quality photos and polish them, revealing the full picture and adding real value.

I work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Product
  • Jewellery
  • High speed action
  • Architecture
  • Food and Drink